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Medicade and Nursing

Home Crisis Planning

Navigating the Health and Financial Concerns of a Loved One in Nursing Care

Since 2007, Attorney Clifton has assisted hundreds of families in Ohio and Kentucky through the emotional and financial stresses of a nursing home crisis.  By taking quick action, implementing asset protection plans, and managing the process from start to finish, he has helped his clients preserve millions of dollars in assets.

Contact Attorney Clifton for assistance with the following:

  • Implementing a Medicaid Qualification Plan that preserves substantial assets
  • Assisting with financial choices that provide the most benefit for your loved one
  • Management and Representation at eligibility Hearings and Appeals, Resource Assessments, Recertifications, and Interviews
  • Guidance and Representation regarding the Medicaid Application and Medicaid Estate Recovery Processes

Today, nursing home care can be very expensive and often exceeds $10,000 per month.  Typically, the cost is not covered by Medicare. Sometimes, it can be paid for by Medicaid. Medicaid rules are very complex, and Attorney Clifton can let you know if you qualify, or guide you towards quicker qualification and asset protection.  Contact Parker L. Clifton to receive one-on-one attention along with in-depth legal advice.

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